Display By Choice recognizes that only you, the customer, would know what works best for you and your merchandise. We, the manufacturers, are willing to helpand work with you to create long term, cost saving, money earning, customer attracting exhibits.

The pictures seen on the website are those of displays that belong to customers, we do not keep any displays in stock. Each one is built per customer specifications — that is size, color, and system design. We can offer guidelines. If it is not in our guidelines, don’t fear, ask, and we may be able to create a new one for you.

Layout and pricing will be sent out at no charge.

Guidelines to follow when requesting pricing.
Size of back wall — For example 8ft x 10ft, 10ft x 10ft, etc.
Number of booths — 10ft, 20ft or 30ft etc. We have can and have made it up to 400ft!
L Shape/ that is back wall plus left side … example utilizing 10 ft space to 20 ft.
U Shape/ that is back wall plus left side and right side… example utilizing 10 ft space to maximum capacity of 30ft.

For Risers
Measurements will be needed
Riser of Steps
Number of steps
Or, if you need back to back risers?

Show Cases
4, 5, 6 Jewelry Show Case or Full Vision show case

Covered or See Through
Number of Shelves
2 or 4 sides