Dear Frank,

Let me first say that I have been very skeptical person my whole life. That being said, I have personally known Frank an Habibah for over ten (10) years now. I was first introduced to them at the Las Vegas Show by another perfume vendor who had used Display by Choice to custom build their display units and recommend them to me as I was standing there admiring their booth. At first I was a little apprehensive because for over fifteen (15) years I was renting tables and wasn’t quite sure about making such a drastic change, Frank and Habibah literally walked me through the entire process with such patience and understanding that it turned out to probably be the easiest and best investment my company has ever made.

The workmanship is second to none and the customer relationship feels like they are truly part of your family. They are there for you whenever you need them, whether at the trade shows or anytime before or after the show. They stand behind their merchandise 1000%.

If you need them to setup your booth, break down your booth, or simply repair any worn parts, they continually strive for excellence in every aspect of their business. Whether you have (1) booth or twenty (20) booths they will treat you with the same respect. Hopefully you will have the same results with your experience as I did with mine.

If you would like to discuss any of their matters with me personally, please feel free to call me at 305-687-0700


Paul Spiegel

VP Interamerican Fragrances


Display by choice exceeded or company’s expectations with its superb quality of product and design in a very attractive package. Companies looking to expand their sales would benefit from their professionalism in attracting new clients.

In addition to the unique and specialized booth provided by their skilled and proficient team of experts demonstrated, our planner was treated in a very courteous and affable manner.

Display by Choice assisted our company in every step of the project; from designing the booth through to its assembly, plus the additional peripherals that had not been considered.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Display by Choice group!

Shimon Bouskila



Dear Frank and Habibah,

Just wanted to simply tell you that your guys are the best in what you do. Every project we discuss together and you create is exactly what I imagine it to be. I appreciate all you help in the last 10 years and hope to always e there to see each other at the shows.

I always reccomend you to all my friends and associates at the shows.




Having exhibited in the UK and across Europe for over 10 years, I had been accustomed to a certain type of look and feel of a booth, the flexibility of not working with union staff, having the display built for me and the low cost of shipping samples.

In advance of my first trade show in the US, I approached Display By Choice to create an effective display for my products. Asking them to give it a non-modular look, make it something that myself and my business partner

could build ourselves or with limited union help, make it as slick as the ones we’ve had built for us in Europe and strong enough to hold our products, whilst keeping the cost down and the weight light so we could save on shipping costs from West coast to East coast.

From day one, working with Frank and Habibah was nothing but an absolute pleasure.

They listened to my requirements, were very realistic and honest with the cost, the timescales and their thoughts on the appearance of the final design. They were creative, helped with space planning, kept me informed, were personable, efficient and professional.

All of the above was done whilst keeping within my budget AND they delivered the display on time.

I’m glad I found Display By Choice and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, professional and innovative display company whom they can trust.

Paru Radia


Aargee Inc.
New York


Dear Display By Choice Family,

I just viewed your new web site and it looks great. I found it informative and easy to navigate. DM Merchandising has been a loyal customer of Display By Choice for over 10 years and will remain that way. We always try to freshen our booths and shows, and Display By Choice is who we turn to for innovative ideas in the trade show industry.

DM Merchandising does roughtly 300 trade shows a year, and out of that, booths take a beating. The durablity of our booths are associated with quality design and percise packing, which Display By Choice incorporates.

Thank you Frank and Display By Choice family for years of service and more future endeavors.

Tim Scheibe

Trade Show Manager